What I wore in Greece: Holiday Clothes Haul


So this year I decided that instead of throwing 99.9% of my entire wardrobe in my suitcase and hoping for the best I would actually put some thought into my holiday attire.

And while it was tempting to just, you know, make like I always do and pack whatever the hell I fancy approximately 2 days before I travel, I kind of also really wanted to be organised for a change. See, the problem with taking everything is that more often than not it makes you feel like you’ve got nothing; too much choice always makes it harder for me to make a decision, and I just didn’t want to waste time thinking about clothes when I could be sunbathing/sleeping/eating/drinking gin/reading utter trash on the beach whilst drinking gin, etc.

Obviously I took more than the above. But, in all honesty, it wasn’t much more – just another pair of shorts, some comfy camisole tops, 2 other dresses and a silk shirt. And really, it was all I needed. The only thing I did find was that because I took so little, I didn’t have a clean outfit for the journey home, so I caved and bought a kaftan while I was there. And a high waisted skirt. And maybe a crop top to go with it. I mean, there were only so many times I could walk past H&M in one week and not go in. I’m merely human. (Turns out, FYI, Greek H&M is exactly the same as English H&M, so there you go – I did you all a favour.)

I also wished, on many occasion, that I had a bikini – while I felt less self-conscious in a swimsuit, going to the toilet was a pain. in. the. ass (literally), and there were days where we went out and it would have been so much easier to just not be WEARING A GODDAM SWIMSUIT. You live and learn.

On the whole though, packing light seemed to work out well, so when we go back in September I’m definitely going to be doing the same (with a few new additions, of course), safe in the sweet knowledge that not only is H&M is ten minutes down the road, but the local supermarket sells 7 Euro kaftans. Ace.

L-R: Blue and white dip hem dress: Primark // tan belt: Primark // gold chain: Primark // gold heels: Primark // black hat: Primark // floral kimono: Primark // black vest: Primark // pink and gold necklace: Matalan // tan sandals: Primark // cream hat: Everything Five Pounds // geometric swimsuit: Primark // mono striped swimsuit: George at Asda // gold bangles: H&M // black and gold sandals: Matalan // pineapple print skirt: Primark // studded tan clutch: Everything Five Pounds // blush tie front crop top: New Look // navy pleated maxi skirt: Primark


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