Travel Link Up: Holiday Souvenirs


As you may have gathered if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve just come back from the most amazing week in Greece (more on the specifics in another post coming soon!).

Any excuse to venture out into the big wide world is good with me, but this holiday was particularly good as it was the first in almost two years. And we booked it totally on a whim –  a whim that paid off spectacularly and gave us the best. holiday. ever (no exaggeration). But more on that later.

I was casually browsing Twitter today, my eyes glossing over everything that didn’t involve the words ‘holiday’, ‘sun’ or ‘prosecco’ when I stumbled across this post by the lovely Angloyankophile.  And it really struck a chord with me – one that I felt I just couldn’t ignore and totally wanted to get involved in.

You see, I’m quite a sentimental soul. If you give me a birthday card, it’ll stay up for the entire month of my birthday (and then probably sit in a draw forevermore. Especially if there’s a cat on the front of it); if you get me in a Secret Santa you can guarantee I’ll keep the keep the present; wherever I go, whoever I see or whatever I eat I need a photo to remember it by. You get the picture – I find it hard to part with things that mean something, in some kind of way. So when it comes to holidays, I can’t help but always want to come home with a gift that I can keep long after the post-holiday washing’s done and my tan’s faded (which is, in my case, approximately 2.5 days).

As well as being sentimental, it seems I’m also a creature of habit. Because on every holiday I’ve ever been on, the one thing that always comes home with me is a piece of jewellery. In Turkey it was garnet earrings. In Greece (the first time) it was a turquoise ring. On honeymoon in Malta it was a silver Maltese cross. And this time? Well the picture above says it all.

I bought the necklace above on our last night in Rhodes. We’d spent the evening in our new favourite restaurant, eating steak and drinking beer. After that, with no agenda, we wandered the streets until we came to a bar on the corner. We sat outside, in the warm evening air, drinking gin and tonic and eating the free slices of orange we were given. We literally watched as the world went by, just chatting, drinking making plans for the future – the kind that you can only make in the comfort of your holiday world after a few too many gins.

As it got darker, we decided to wander the streets one last time, stopping at the gift shops near the marina. I don’t know whether it was the gin, the fact I had 30 Euros burning a hole in my wallet or the regret I STILL felt over not buying one on holiday in Turkey five years ago (gin, most likely) but as soon as I saw this necklace I knew I had to have it.

Everywhere you go in Greece you see the nazar symbol; a talisman which is said to repel the evil eye. Greek people adorn everything in it, from their homes to the rear view mirrors of their cars, and you know what? I think it must work. Because Greek people are some of the friendliest, happiest, most relaxed people I’ve ever met. So if I can have a little piece of that with me every day and remember to live in the moment, just like they do, then I think this was worth every single Euro.


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