DIY pumpkin decorations


I remember the days when Halloween meant wearing some tacky cat ears and buying a novelty packet of fondant fancies. Well not anymore, apparently. Now it’s become another way to be creative with decorating; another way to be stylish with your fancy dress. And personally, I’m all for it. Especially when it comes to a bit of interior decor.

For the past two or three years now we’ve carved a pumpkin each Halloween. This year, however, I’ve run out of time/the will to get my hands dirty so instead I’ve been inspired by a new wave of pumpkin decorating (a thank you, Pinterest): and for the most part, it’s totally mess-free. Here are 4 of my current favourite DIY pumpkin decorating ideas I’ve seen on the web so far this season:


1. No moodboard of mine would be complete without flowers, even at Halloween.

2. Gold leaf pumpkins. Because why the hell not?

3. Apparently you can get actual white pumpkins. I’ve yet to actually see these mythical beauties, but if I manage to get my hands on some in time for Halloween then they will most definitely be introduced to my best friend, the gold glitter.

4. Chevrons and stripes – I think I’d have to keep these in the house WAY past Halloween!


PoundLand Moroccan Oil Dupes



When it comes to my hair, the less I can spend on products the better. It’s not that I don’t want to look after my locks (believe me, I spend approximately 90% of my day figuring out what to do with my hair) but I just think that a lot of the products out there are overpriced for what they really are. Therefore, I’m reluctant to try anything new – I’ve got my haircare staples and I just buy on repeat when they run out.

One of my said staples has, for the past five or six years now, been Moroccan Oil. It has literally transformed my hair and I can’t sing its praises enough. Except when it comes to price. I always baulk at the £7 price tag for the teeny tiny bottle. Which is why, when I walked into PoundLand on a mission to buy cat food a few weeks ago (such is the glamorous life I lead) I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted these:






Dubious about the quality, I picked up one of each. I should have bought the lot. I’m not kidding, this stuff is amazing. The hair oil is thinner in texture than regular Moroccan Oil so is slightly harder to use (i.e. spill). I run about a pound coin sized amount through the ends of my hair before blow drying and then top up with a little more when it’s dry if needed. The downside to this product? Because the consistency is slightly different to Moroccan Oil, if you’re not careful about how you use it your hair just ends up looking and feeling greasy. But the upside is that the smell is much, much nicer – very sweet and vaguely reminiscent of something that I can’t quite put my finger on (a Yankee candle, perhaps?!).

As for the hair mask, the instructions say to wash hair, towel dry, apply, wait five minutes, brush through, rinse, condition. Erm, in a world where I have to schedule a whole night just to wash my hair anyway, that ‘ain’t gonna happen. Ever. Instead, I just replace my regular conditioner with the hair mask, leave it on a minute or two longer and brush it through a few times. And it works a treat.

I’ve been using these for just over a month now and absolutely love them – the hair oil in particular – and am kicking myself for not stocking up on more at the time. Anyone else ever have any luck with PoundLand dupes?

Real Wedding: Victoria & Paddy’s Rustic Garden Party Wedding

I think I must spend about 99.9% of my life wishing it was summer. Sure, all the other seasons are great in their own way, but summer is definitely where it’s at for me. Especially when there’s a wedding involved.

For some reason, this summer was probably the busiest and, dare I say it, prettiest I have seen in the three years I’ve been styling weddings. And Victoria and Paddy’s day was no exception to this unwritten 2014 rule – not only was it set in one of the most beautiful locations EVER, but everything about it was so unbelievably on point – the flowers, the food, the dress, the marquee. Even the weather was on side.

The couple’s brief for the day was a relaxed garden party with a rustic twist – think picnic blankets, apple crates and vintage crockery mixed with gorgeous, hand tied bunches of wild looking flowers, favours wrapped in kraft paper and Victoria sponges all round. The colour palate of mint green, lilac, purple and blue complemented the whole theme perfectly. And don’t even get me started on the moss table runners or stunning paisley-esque print on the roof of the marquee; I died several times over looking at it all that day.

Big thank you to Jenny from Bellaboo and Beau for having me tag along again and get my hands dirty (quite literally – we were sweating perspiring like there was no tomorrow) with this one, it was a total beauty…








Just how stunning is this wedding? As usual, my attempts at capturing it don’t do it nearly enough justice, so if you want all the extra details about the dress, bridesmaids, food, speeches and even how the couple’s dog, Reggie, got in on the act then head on over to Boho Weddings, who were kind enough to feature it in all its beautiful, rustic glory this week. (And if all of that wasn’t enough to lure you in then there’s also a totally epic pair of shoes – a pair that were, in fact, very nearly my own wedding shoes of choice!)

A big thank you must also go to these super suppliers (and some of our most favourite wedding chums!):

Rebecca Dougals Photography

Joanne Truby Floral Designs

LPM Bohemia


9 ideas for an Autumn wedding

There’s just something about an Autumn wedding. And, strangely, there’s just something about purple at the moment. And eucalyptus. And wreaths made of berries. And teeny tiny little gold pumpkins. I could go on and on about how much I love an Autumn wedding, or I could simply sum it up like this and let the pictures do the talking…


1. I’m swooning over bouquets like this at the minute. All dreamy flowers and long ribbons. Amazing!

2. Burgandy. Yep. I used to hate it too. But now it’s the stuff my Autumnal wedding dreams are made of. Perfect for grooms or ushers.

3. That table. That stationary. THAT GOLD CUTLERY. I need it, I need it all.

4. Purple. A colour that can so easily go wrong. Unless it’s done right. And these bridesmaids are SO right.

5. I’m majorly lusting over plain white wedding cakes at the moment. All covered in buttercream and dripping in foliage, just like this one.

6.  A tiny gold pumpkin. That is all.

7. If I could trust myself long enough not to eat this within 10 minutes then I’d be nailing one on my door ASAP. Sadly, I don’t.

8. I adore this idea for decorating the Bride and Groom’s chairs at the wedding breakfast, so unique!

9. Lace, orange roses, feathery foliage and ribbon everywhere; perfect bridal styling for Autumn.

Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Power List box




Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

James Read Sleep Tan Mask

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

Philip Kingsley Daily Defence Conditioning Spray

Nude Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick

Eyeko Mascara Off Eye Makeup Remover Wipes


Next year I’m going cold turkey on beauty boxes. A recent clear out of my make up drawers confirmed what I had long suspected about them; the products are great and I love receiving them, but half the time they get used once and, um, put away in said drawers for a time when I’ll need them/a special occasion. Which ends up being never.

However, when I saw several Instagram/blog posts about this one, I just knew it would end up on my doorstep. To be honest, it had me at Laura Mercier. Latest in Beauty are an online company specialising in selling miniature versions of many beauty favourites – the theory being that if you like the sample and it works for you, you can then order the full-sized product through them at a discounted rate. As part of the service they also offer beauty boxes – either a build-your-own, in which you pick everything – or one-off collaborations throughout the year, this particular one being with women’s magazine favourite, Glamour.

As ever, when it comes to things like this I’m always conscious of price/actual value for money. However, with the contents of this box totalling over £80, the £15.99 fee was more than justifiable – especially as I needed a new mascara anyway, and finding a decent one of those under the £10 mark is becoming more effort than it’s worth these days (what is with that?!)

I’ll be honest – not everything in this box floats my boat. The make up remover wipes and face tan have been overlooked and, sadly, the Maybelline lipstick is just too nude for my skin tone, but the rest is definitely worth the money. I’ve used several of Liz Earle’s products before and can vouch for how amazing they are (this little gem is being saved for a holiday that I’ve been promised later in the year) and the same goes for Philip Kingsley; you just know you’re going to get a quality product with that brand (hello Elasticizer, I’m looking at you). The Bourjois mascara was surprisingly good – I love the packaging and the small wand (BIG fan of small mascara wands), although I’m not sure I’d actually go out and purchase it for myself.

I was marginally disappointed with the one product that sold this entire package to me though; the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer looks good, smells good and is good – UNLESS, like me, you’ve got majorly oily skin. I’ve tried this under my foundation for a night out, a day in the office and a day out and about and every time it lasts about 2 hours max before I’m having to powder over everything again. Which is a massive shame as I was desperate for this to work. In its favour though, it’s the most light weight primer I’ve ever used and sinks in so quickly without any residue, which is making me mighty tempted to buy the oil-free version.

If, like me, you’re a sucker for pretty packaging and big brand names, then head on over to Latest in Beauty where the Glamour Beauty Power List box is still on sale now.