Monthly roundup: January 2015

Looking back over these photos makes me realise just how long this month has really been. When I get to the end of each year I can never really remember what happened all the way back in January, and it’s little wonder; it feels like it’s been about 9 weeks long.

I think this year it’s felt particularly drawn out though, because for the first time in about 6 years I’ve been struck down. Yep, the plague I was boasting about avoiding all over the Christmas period finally got me and I spent a very sorry week on the sofa drinking tea and snivelling. I think I got dressed a grand total of once that week, and that was only because I had to drag myself out of the house for a blood test.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights of the month, as captured by Instagram (mostly):





(1) I always get sucked into buying Christmas decorations in the January sales. It kind of sets the tone for next year’s tree/house decor. These were from Matalan and Wilko’s and cost less that £10!
(2) Working at a wedding fair. I love meeting brides and grooms and chatting about their wedding plans.
(3) I love pink tulips. These were just the pick up I needed after a week of being ill, and reminded me that Spring is just around the corner.
(4) The first thing I do every morning is check my Timehop (anyone else loving that app? I’m completely addicted!) and this week it reminded me that this time three years ago I was trying on wedding dresses for the first time. This one obviously didn’t make the final cut, but the temptation to put it on and pretend to be Kate Middleton for five minutes was just too great.
(5) So last week I finally started my course in wedding floristry. I booked it back in July 2014 and have been itching to start it ever since. Hands down, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and will hopefully add another string to my bow when it comes to wedding and event styling. Last week we made wired corsages, next week it’s bridal bouquets!
(6) Dressing a wedding yesterday with the snow coming down outside. It didn’t last, but looked magical while it was there.
(7) Ending the month on a high at a Great Gatsby themed 21st birthday party. You can tell you’re getting old when you spend more time at the chocolate fountain than you do at the bar.
(8) Starting a new month in style: with home made egg and bacon muffins and tea. Partly because I’m trying to cook more when possible, but mostly because we were too hungover to actually drive.