Where does the time go?

Is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. Because in between working, watching Eastenders and drinking the odd G&T or two, life has been slipping by at an alarming rate.

There has, of course, been more to life than the above – but trying to explain it all in words would take too long so I’ll keep it short and sweet and show you what’s been happening around here for the last few weeks instead…



Celebrating my lovely nan’s 82nd birthday. I wish I’d captured more of this to be honest, but the 3 glasses of post-dinner Prosecco did me in and we all ended up asleep. // Alfie, the only 10 year old dog I know that still thinks he’s a puppy // Easter treats from my mum // And Easter drinks with the girls // A little Hema haul. Y’all know I can’t resist one of those at least once a month! // Styling a super colourful wedding. That cake was something else in real life. // Random Thursday night dinner and drinks in town. Something we don’t do often enough! // A hand tied bouquet for a best friend’s birthday – more on that coming soon! // Healthy food – I’ve always loved eating this way but been trying to find some new recipes recently and this one was inspired by possibly the BEST M&S salad I’ve ever had // Styling the Inspired Bakes stand with Jenny from Bellaboo and Beau, as well as holding styling sessions for brides at the Excel Wedding Fair; a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun // Some well deserved post-wedding fair champagne! // Styling a very simple and sophisticated wedding in London last weekend // Updating the kitchen for Spring/Summer with some bits from Asda – more on that in another post soon // Super pleased that my wild flower seedlings are doing so well – can’t wait to see what comes out of the mix soon! // Yeah, more cushions. I’m not even sorry.

Nearly all pics, bar the very first few, have been taken from my Instagram account which you can find here.