Interior lust: Cobalt Blue

While I’m not one to wish my life away (hello thirties, I hear you calling me), I did spend a vast proportion of 2014 wishing for 2015. Why? Well 2014 was the anticlimax of what had been a brilliant year before. If 2013 was the party, then 2014 was the hangover; I just couldn’t shake that feeling off and, stupidly, I planned absolutely nothing exciting to make me feel better. Not even a holiday.

So this year is going to be different. I have SO many exciting things to look forward to this year, and one of which will be moving house. We’ve lived in our current house for nearly seven years, and while I’ve loved it and it’s been perfect so far, it’s definitely time to move on. And I absolutely cannot wait to get decorating.

Our move is a way off yet, but that hasn’t stopped me obsessing over how I might decorate the new spaces we’ll call home. And one of the things that’s surprised me during this ‘research’ process (i.e. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest) is how much my tastes have changed in seven years.

Some of the principles I’m keen to adopt when decorating our next house include clean lines, cosiness and a streamlined colour pallet that works throughout the entire house. And a heavy part of that colour pallet will, surprisingly, be blue.

Having lived in a small house for seven years, cobalt would never normally be my first choice when decorating – but the prospect of moving somewhere bigger means I can experiment more with colour. Here’s how I’m thinking cobalt might work – inside and out…