Christmas 2014: Scandi style all the way!

I can’t believe there’s just a little over a week until Christmas day is upon us. I feel like the whole festive season has just crept up on me this year, even though I spent most of November thinking about it!

We’re hoping to move house next year, so this Christmas is extra sentimental for us as it’s the last one in our current home – the one we’ve lived in together for nearly seven whole years. I’m sad to go, but equally excited for a new beginning; it’s a strange feeling. With that in mind, I’ve been soaking up the festivities and going all out with the decorations this year. I mean, I always go way overboard anyway, but this year is something else. And, of course, this year I’ve gone for another new theme when it comes to Christmas decor (does anyone else do this? No? Just me?!) – Scandi style has won my heart this year, so much so that I think it might be my favourite EVER Christmas theme (until next year. I’m fickle like that).

So here’s how Christmas 2014 looks in our house at the moment:


Apologies if you follow me on Instagram, because you’ll already have seen these pictures. But if not, here’s the lowdown on where everything comes from:

1. DIY Christmas baubles. The easiest things ever – the clear baubles are from eBay, the mini baubles inside from Paperchase and the labels made with my new obsession: the label maker. I wrote a little tutorial on this in more detail over on the Bellaboo & Beau blog last week.

2. Our tree. For the first couple of years we lived together we had a fake tree, but it just wasn’t the same and now we always have a real one. Granted, it’s slightly messier – especially with two inquisitive little cats running around – but I can’t imagine not having a real one now. Even when it does droop after two weeks and I constantly have to rearrange baubles that are sagging on branches (number one pet Christmas hate right there).

3. Presents all wrapped under the tree. I’ve gone with gold polka dots alongside my usual kraft paper this year. The star shaped labels are from eBay, and the tags all made with my new best friend, the label maker.

4. A selection of this year’s wrapping items. The gold polka dot paper was £1 a roll from Sainsburys and although it looks good, it was a nightmare to work with. It’s so thin that I had to double wrap some presents as they were showing through the paper after one layer. Awkward. The silver sequin ribbon is from eBay, as are the rubber stamps, and the craft strips were bought in PoundLand back in the summer (on a total whim – I had no idea what I’d actually use them for at the time I bought them!)

5. Styling up the dining table in preparation for some festive drinks last night. Not that we actually used the dining table, but you know, any excuse to buy flowers and sequins. The silver sequin runner was from The Sweet Hostess, the flowers from my local florist and those adorable little hexagonal candle holders? 50p from a local charity shop. Steal of the year.

6. Leftover flowers that wouldn’t fit in my table arrangement. Flowers (much like cake. And biscuits) never go to waste in our house. The paper star (my absolute favourite new Christmas item this year – why did I only by one?!) was £4 from Primark and the silver stag tealight holder was a Christmas present from my Mum last year. Tempted to keep it out all year though, what’s the deal on that?!

7. Our living room this week has been my favourite place. It’s so cosy and warm and I’m going to miss it when we move. Especially our little balcony – where the hell am I going to hang all of those again next year?! All of the paper snowflakes and honeycomb balls are from eBay. The wicker stars are from Dunelm Mill (last year, unfortunately) and the baubles are just from my ever-growing and slightly obsessive collection.

8. The kitchen looking cosy last night before some serious Prosecco drinking got under way (headache central today – I’m eating Twiglets and praying for the best). The blue mercury style fairy lights were £5 in the Wilko sale a couple of years ago and the wicker stars are from eBay. I’m hoping our next kitchen will be big enough to house a second Christmas tree – slightly wishful thinking there though I think!


How are you decorating this Christmas? Do you love Scandi as much as I do? Are Twiglets the best hangover cure ever?!

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