Life Lately {November in Rye…and a little bit of London}

So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts…over six whole months in fact – how did that happen? And now we’re in December and I honestly don’t know what I’ve done with myself this year (other than eat a lot of granola, watch a lot of TLC and, um, grow a slight obsession with anything remotely Bake Off related).

November was a mixed bag for me; by far my least favourite month of the whole year, for various reasons. But amongst some of the toughest times I’ve ever experienced in all my 28 years, there was still time to stop and appreciate some loveliness. In fact, if November 2014 has taught me anything at all, it’s that no matter how hard life gets at times, it’s these lovely moments that keep us powering through…


1. I started the month with a new ‘do, courtesy of the Rye Retreat. And when I say new, what I really mean is that I took the plunge and actually got my roots done for the first time since July. And it was good. There’s just something about new hair that makes me feel completely refreshed!

2. Sundays were made for tea and cake. I spent a lovely day wandering around the town with my aunt – rarely do I ever take the time to go out and explore the town I live in these days, but days like this make me appreciate where I live. And make me grateful there are so many places I can stuff my face with delicious cake. If you’ve never been before then definitely check out Edith’s House, everything here is to die for.

3. After a not so pleasant morning being robbed having some work done at the dentist, I spent a much nicer afternoon playing around with flowers for a top secret project I’m working on (to be revealed soon!). This is what was left over, and coupled with my new paper star, kicked off start of the festive decor in our living room.

4. One of my favourite November days was spent with one of my most favourite people ever up in London. Polly and I literally shopped ’til we dropped; I think we must have walked about 50 miles that day up and down Oxford Street. Mostly because I decided, half an hour before my train was due to leave St. Pancras, that I wanted to go back to the Marble Arch Primark and ‘definitely-buy-that-coat-that-I-don’t-think-will-suit-me-but-that-I-love-so-much-it-would-be-a-crime-not-to-anyway*’ (we’ve all been there). Sorry Polly!
*FYI, it turned out to be a good call – nearly everyone since has asked me “which M&S did you go to to get that coat because every store I’ve tried AND online has sold out?” Me 1-0 Primark.

5. The haul (minus said coat) I got from Primark. Absolutely loving that jumper, those boots and that blusher. Absolutely not loving that mascara. Undecided about the jeans.

6. This year’s Christmas cards, from Marks and Spencer. They are SO pretty that I’m holding one of each back to be worked into the future gallery wall (the winter version, obvs. Yes there will be seasonal amendments. Not even sorry).

7. How Christmas *should* look this year in my house. How it will really look? Nice for about 10 minutes, until the cats realise the tree is up and try every trick in the book to destroy it without me noticing. I can dream though. Or just basically drool outside the window of The Shop Next Door every time I walk past it (which is a LOT at the moment).

8. Garden centres. The nemesis of my five year old self, who detested spending weekends being dragged round one of what felt like hundreds as my parents looked at things I deemed unnecessary to life as I knew it. Yeah, I ate those words about two years ago. And I haven’t looked back since. If I met me now I wouldn’t even know me.

9. So the tree is yet to arrive. But that didn’t stop me making my poor husband root around the loft (twice) last Sunday so I could, you know, just casually peruse my Christmas decoration collection. And, you know, casually just throw up a few paper snowflakes and the like. I’m definitely going to miss this little balcony window when we move next year.


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