Coveting:: Nordic Christmas Style

Maybe you think it’s too early to be talking about Christmas. Me? As soon as we’re done with pumpkins and fireworks every year it’s time to start planning the Christmas decor. Because in my house, every year is an excuse to do Christmas a bit differently to the one before. We’ve had black trees, white trees, faux trees and real trees. There’s been a rainbow colour theme, a black and neon pink theme (ahem, before neon was even cool again), ice blue and glamorous gold. Last year it was all about traditional red and white, with lots of Scandi style prints and brown kraft wrapping paper.

This year? Well this year I’m surprising myself. After a whole year of coveting neon like it was 1984 again and initially planning a tree that was to be a few parts merry but a WHOLE lot bright, I’ve done a 180. After much, um, ‘research’ (i.e an afternoon on the Paperchase website – I swear to god I only went on there to buy a diary), this year I’ve decided to keep it nice and simple. And Nordic. I love, love, love the interior trends that have emerged in the latter part of this year that nod to the Nords – all whites, greys, wood, hints of copper and clean lines. And so 2014’s Christmas theme for our house will follow suit. I’ve bought a few decorations already (more on that in another post), but here’s what’s inspiring me for the most part…


1. I adore this simple little bauble. Just the right amount of glitter. And if anyone’s listening then I NEED an embossing kit for Christmas, okay?!

2. If I added up the amount of time I spent lusting after grey sofas it would be shocking. This one is just perfect. But more than that sofa, right now I need the black garland above it in my life. Anyone know where it’s from? Please put me out of my misery if you do!

3. Love this little tree in a tin. Not sure I could safely have candles donning one willy-nilly like that what with two mischievous cats running around, but I love the idea of having a couple of these scattered around the house.

4. I hated the copper trend when it first emerged. So obviously now, when it’s almost impossible to find anything copper anywhere, I love it. I need these copper baubles in my life this year!

5. That. White. Stag. Head. That’s all I have to say.

6. Wrapping presents is one of my favourite parts of the Christmas build-up. I love thinking of new ways to wrap and display them. If I had a shelf like that somewhere in the house then I’d be stealing this idea right now!

7. I actually saw these Noel letters for sale somewhere last year and didn’t buy them. Cue hours of me searching just about EVERYWHERE for them this year.

8. Stars are featuring heavily in my Christmas decor this year. These ones are just beautiful, and giving me lots of ideas for alternative ways of hanging decorations around the house.

9. No Christmas is complete without the obligatory snowflake decoration. I got a whole load from PoundLand last year and am praying I packed them away properly and they’ve survived well enough to be reused this year!

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