DIY pumpkin decorations


I remember the days when Halloween meant wearing some tacky cat ears and buying a novelty packet of fondant fancies. Well not anymore, apparently. Now it’s become another way to be creative with decorating; another way to be stylish with your fancy dress. And personally, I’m all for it. Especially when it comes to a bit of interior decor.

For the past two or three years now we’ve carved a pumpkin each Halloween. This year, however, I’ve run out of time/the will to get my hands dirty so instead I’ve been inspired by a new wave of pumpkin decorating (a thank you, Pinterest): and for the most part, it’s totally mess-free. Here are 4 of my current favourite DIY pumpkin decorating ideas I’ve seen on the web so far this season:


1. No moodboard of mine would be complete without flowers, even at Halloween.

2. Gold leaf pumpkins. Because why the hell not?

3. Apparently you can get actual white pumpkins. I’ve yet to actually see these mythical beauties, but if I manage to get my hands on some in time for Halloween then they will most definitely be introduced to my best friend, the gold glitter.

4. Chevrons and stripes – I think I’d have to keep these in the house WAY past Halloween!

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