PoundLand Moroccan Oil Dupes



When it comes to my hair, the less I can spend on products the better. It’s not that I don’t want to look after my locks (believe me, I spend approximately 90% of my day figuring out what to do with my hair) but I just think that a lot of the products out there are overpriced for what they really are. Therefore, I’m reluctant to try anything new – I’ve got my haircare staples and I just buy on repeat when they run out.

One of my said staples has, for the past five or six years now, been Moroccan Oil. It has literally transformed my hair and I can’t sing its praises enough. Except when it comes to price. I always baulk at the £7 price tag for the teeny tiny bottle. Which is why, when I walked into PoundLand on a mission to buy cat food a few weeks ago (such is the glamorous life I lead) I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted these:






Dubious about the quality, I picked up one of each. I should have bought the lot. I’m not kidding, this stuff is amazing. The hair oil is thinner in texture than regular Moroccan Oil so is slightly harder to use (i.e. spill). I run about a pound coin sized amount through the ends of my hair before blow drying and then top up with a little more when it’s dry if needed. The downside to this product? Because the consistency is slightly different to Moroccan Oil, if you’re not careful about how you use it your hair just ends up looking and feeling greasy. But the upside is that the smell is much, much nicer – very sweet and vaguely reminiscent of something that I can’t quite put my finger on (a Yankee candle, perhaps?!).

As for the hair mask, the instructions say to wash hair, towel dry, apply, wait five minutes, brush through, rinse, condition. Erm, in a world where I have to schedule a whole night just to wash my hair anyway, that ‘ain’t gonna happen. Ever. Instead, I just replace my regular conditioner with the hair mask, leave it on a minute or two longer and brush it through a few times. And it works a treat.

I’ve been using these for just over a month now and absolutely love them – the hair oil in particular – and am kicking myself for not stocking up on more at the time. Anyone else ever have any luck with PoundLand dupes?

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