9 ideas for an Autumn wedding

There’s just something about an Autumn wedding. And, strangely, there’s just something about purple at the moment. And eucalyptus. And wreaths made of berries. And teeny tiny little gold pumpkins. I could go on and on about how much I love an Autumn wedding, or I could simply sum it up like this and let the pictures do the talking…


1. I’m swooning over bouquets like this at the minute. All dreamy flowers and long ribbons. Amazing!

2. Burgandy. Yep. I used to hate it too. But now it’s the stuff my Autumnal wedding dreams are made of. Perfect for grooms or ushers.

3. That table. That stationary. THAT GOLD CUTLERY. I need it, I need it all.

4. Purple. A colour that can so easily go wrong. Unless it’s done right. And these bridesmaids are SO right.

5. I’m majorly lusting over plain white wedding cakes at the moment. All covered in buttercream and dripping in foliage, just like this one.

6.  A tiny gold pumpkin. That is all.

7. If I could trust myself long enough not to eat this within 10 minutes then I’d be nailing one on my door ASAP. Sadly, I don’t.

8. I adore this idea for decorating the Bride and Groom’s chairs at the wedding breakfast, so unique!

9. Lace, orange roses, feathery foliage and ribbon everywhere; perfect bridal styling for Autumn.

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