Marc Jacobs: Daisy Dream


I’d say there are probably about 5 people in my life that I can identify entirely by smell. As in, if I were blindfolded and any one of them were to walk into the room, I’d instantly know who it was. Sadly, I’ll never be one of those people. I’ve tried and tried to stick to just one signature scent and while there are a couple I always come back to, there’s something I just love about finding a new perfume.

Admittedly I’m a little late to the party with the whole March Jacobs thing. I bought my first ever Marc Jacobs scent this June (Daisy Eau So Fresh – delish) and just as I was getting used to that – bam, the husband goes and throws this one into the mix too with a surprise anniversary present.



And I have to say, I admire his guts – choosing a perfume for someone else is a tricky old business. But this time (unlike the time I received a bottle of, erm, Peter Andre’s finest eau de toilette) he totally nailed it. Like all the other Daisy scents before it, Daisy Dream stays true to the classic fresh and floral scent with its top notes of blackberry and pear. However, this is a slightly muskier, stronger scent than the others. On me, the top notes last about half an hour, before those muskier base notes come through and take over. I’d say generally, the scent lasts a good 5-6 hours on my skin, though I do tend to get accustomed to scent quite quickly and panic that I can’t smell it anymore (cue excessive perfume spraying whenever the opportunity arises – anyone else get that? And what’s with that?!)

Definitely one to add to my growing collection, this is the perfect transitional scent to take you from summer to autumn.

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