Ashlee Simpson’s wedding: it’s rocking my world

Yep. Whilst anyone and everyone is seemingly swooning over Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress today (or not, as the case may be – talk about the Marmite of the wedding dress world), I for one was mostly dying a thousand little deaths over THIS lady’s epic wedding:



Oh Ashlee Simpson, how I love thee. She made an beautiful bride the first time round (gothic Alice in Wonderland amazingness, in case you’d forgotten), but this time? There are no words. It’s THAT good. I can’t get over how beautiful her wedding was – and I love everything about it: from the white bridesmaids dresses and beautiful all-white blooms, right through to her daring lace two-piece gown. And don’t even get me started on that headpiece. I want.

If I were to do it all again then a white colour palate would totally be on my radar. And in an Ode to Ashlee, here’s what I’d be dreaming of…


1. Hippy style headpiece

2. Maids all in white

3. White lace two-piece gown

4. Wild blooms

5. Dream catchers in trees

6. Wooden tables with floral runners

7. Mismatched white flowers in vintage bottles



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