Jo & Dom’s Retro Wedding at The George in Rye


For as long as I can remember, Rye has always been a popular place – come summer or winter, people seem to flock here. And for the most part I’m actually semi-oblivious to the quirkiness and charm of the town, seeing as I live here and all. But one thing I haven’t failed to notice is just how popular our biggest hotel, The George in Rye, has become in recent years. Especially when it comes to weddings.

I’ve been itching to work on styling a wedding here for a long, long time – so naturally when Jenny from Bellaboo and Beau contacted me asking for some help styling a wedding here for one of her couples in July I said a Big Fat Yes.

Jo and Dom were planning a traditional wedding ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in the heart of the town, followed by a reception at The George. They wanted a retro style for their wedding, incorporating Jo’s love of colour and prettiness and Dom’s love of music, so Jenny and I met a couple of times to discuss how to roll both these requirements into one and this is what we came up with…








So while the Church might have been a traditional setting for their wedding ceremony, Jo and Dom’s specification for decor was not. And I loved it. We started by blowing up six giant helium balloons (much to the vicar’s actual horror) and attaching our hand made tissue paper tassels. These made a beautiful walkway for the bride’s entrance and could later be transported down to the reception – an added bonus.

The ballroom at The George in Rye is stunning. And as the quirky vintage wallpaper in here is so beautiful, decorations can be kept fairly minimal. Jo and Dom’s choice of florist did an amazing job in creating wild, rustic style centrepieces for their day – and we loved how she decorated the mirrors entirely with foliage.

We started in the Benson Room, setting up a confetti pop table and scattering some giant tissue paper flowers around the room to add pops of colour, as well as setting up the Pozaroid photo booth.

In the Ballroom we set up the table plan, which consisted of a vintage gramophone (courtesy of the lovely Frida & Sophia) with a pull out drawer full of old records, onto which was printed the names of each table and the corresponding guests – the idea being that you had to flick through the records to find your table, mimicking the sense of being in an old style record shop.

Once everything inside was perfected, we headed outside to finish off with one of Jo’s quirkier ideas – a gold glitter arrow leading the way from the ceremony to the reception. I’ve seen these on Pinterest a fair bit but have never seen one done in real life – and to be fair there are very few places where this would actually work (especially given that by this time, it was pouring with rain. Glamorous.), but it looked perfect here against the brickwork.

Sometimes, keeping it simple really does work – congratulations Jo and Dom, your wedding looked so perfect!

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