H&M cosmetics haul


I love H&M. In fact, I think I have always loved H&M (particularly during my student days; those £9.99 zip up hoodies have a lot to answer for), but I’m especially loving it right now. You know how you go through phases of shopping in one place, to the point where you get sick of it and end up wasting money on stuff you don’t actually want or need (I’m looking at you here Primark)? Well that’s me and H&M. I shopped there religiously as a student, and then when I left uni it just…stopped. Mostly due to lack of access to a local store, but also because back then their online delivery service was shockingly slow; not good for someone like me, with zero patience (or comprehension of how long it actually takes for things to be delivered).

Anyway, a new store opened up near me recently, and whilst I couldn’t find any clothes that caught my eye, oh MY did the cosmetics section sucker me in. Brushes are my latest obsession, so I took the opportunity to stock up on a few I needed to complete my collection. And obviously some other stuff that I most definitely did not need got thrown into the mix and, you know, took a trip to the till with me.

Here’s what I bought…





Light pink make up bag, £5.99; make up brush cleaner, £2.99; nail polish remover, £2.99; eye make up remover, £1.50; BB cream brush, £5.99; eyeshadow brush, £1.99; mini kabuki brush, £2.99

So far, my favourites are the make up brush cleaner (I am sadly obsessive over the cleanliness of my brushes!), eyeliner brush and BB cream stippling brush, which gives excellent coverage – though I’ve found it’s best to kind of blob your foundation or BB cream on your face first, then work it in. I’m less impressed with the mini kabuki brush – I mean it looks awesome, obviously, but really it’s too small – I wanted to apply bronzer with it but just ended up with two massive streaks on my cheeks. Eek. The eye make up remover is good, and does get the left over bits that face wipes and cleanser leave behind but is a tad greasy for my liking. I’m yet to actually try the nail polish remover but, you know, how wrong can you go with that?!

All in all an excellent haul. Hurrah for H&M!

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