Summer Wishlist

After what was a thoroughly disappointing week weather-wise last week, July has totally pulled it out of the bag this week hasn’t it? I’m not sure if it’s just this tropical heatwave that’s making me lust for new things (this time last week I swear I could smell Autumn in the air) or the fact that so many shops are having crazy good sales at the moment. Either way, here’s what’s floating my boat at the moment…



1. We don’t really have a garden – well, that’s a lie, we do have a garden. It’s just a crap one. Overlooked by the road and pavement it is officially The Least Relaxing Place on Earth. And therefore we’ve only sat in it about 4 times since we moved in 5 years ago. However, this year I am lusting after garden furniture like mad. Is it my age? Probably, but I’m also wondering if a bit of a spruce up and some jazzy accessories might not make it more enticing. This Oliver Bonas Primrose Table in peony pink is right at the top of the list right now – and for £64 it’s a totally justifiable spend.

2. Same goes for these solar lights – and they’re only £12 from Sainsbury’s. Bargain!

3. Confession time – I actually have this M&S drinks dispenser already. It came into the early summer sales for £12 (reduced from £15) so I nabbed it. Quite what I will do with it or when I will use it is another matter, but WHO CARES about that kind of stuff?!

4. I actually have a bit of an obsession with glass tumblers. Last week I bought four flamingo print ones in Ikea just because they were 50p each. Yep. So naturally these also caught my eye when I was idly browsing the George at Home website the other day.

5. In-keeping with my lust for a) gardens, b) flamingos and c) anything pink is this flamingo garden stake. I sincerely hope I’m strong enough to resist spending £12 on this bad boy – 1) because, you know, where the hell do I put it? 2) it’s £12 and I would need more than 1, making it a not-so-thrifty-afterall purchase and 3) I will almost 100% definitely forget to bring it inside over winter and it’ll rust into oblivion. But one can’t hurt, right?!

6. The PERFECT summer hat. I left my last straw trilby on honeymoon by accident so have been scouring a replacement since. And as this one’s only £6 from Matalan I’m sure I won’t be too upset when it blows away/I sit on it/leave it on a plane again.

7. I refuse to buy any more summer clothes this season, but jewellery? There’s always room for jewellery. Especially when it’s mint green. Another £6 Matalan bargain!

8. Is there a more perfect bag than this? And a justifiable purchase in that gold can be used all year round. That’s my excuse anyway. This beauty is £10 from Tesco and is most likely to be the cause of my next marital argument when I return from the food shop having replaced the bread/milk/butter/cheese/whatever with it. Needs must.

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