Neon Tropical Wedding Inspiration

One of the things I adore about working in the wedding industry is seeing how ideas and themes evolve and transform each year. When I started out, everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – was purple. And this was before Pantone projected Radiant Orchid upon us. Last year, the pastels and vintage colours were huge (and still are by the looks of it – albeit with a more rustic twist this year) and even I succumbed and incorporated them into my own big day. This year – well, this year it’s all about out and out colour. The bigger and brighter the better, so it seems. Especially when it comes to mixing and matching colours.

What I have discovered, though, is that the composition of the trends set by the wedding industry each year run alongside or take root from what’s happening in the world of fashion and interiors. And 2014, apparently, is seeing a tropical revival – think crazy fruit-based prints, palm trees, tropical birds, Hawaiian shirts and neon; lots and LOTS of neon.

So way back at the  beginning of spring, when we were having not so glorious weather, I spent a (very cold, very wet) day helping Jenny of BellabooandBeau merge the worlds of fashion and weddings together with a tropical, neon wedding inspiration shoot. Outside, it was pouring, blowing a gale and I spent the entire day wearing a rain mac. Inside, however, Operation: Club Tropicana was in full swing. These are just a few sneaky behind-the-scenes shots that I took on my phone whilst we were setting up. To see the shoot in all its post-edited glory (with full credits to all the suppliers involved on the day), you can head over to Rock ‘n Roll Bride.



How amazing is that birdcage?! (which was a total logistical nightmare, by the way, but you have to suffer for art so I’m told). Of all the looks and trends I’ve put together or seen come together, this is actually the simplest by a long way as the colours speak for themselves and do all the work for you. And because Washi tape was invented – what the hell did anyone actually DO before that?!

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