Fever London: vintage wedding inspiration

It’s not often I get an invite to something I find hard to refuse. But throw the word ‘vintage’ and the phrase ‘a few surprises’ in there and you’ve pretty much sold it to me. Put them together in the same sentence and that’ll have me booking my train ticket right there. Which is how I came to find myself in London last week, taking in a much needed dose of Spring prettiness after such a L-O-N-G and dreary Winter.

Fever London is home to some of THE prettiest and of-the-moment bridesmaids dresses I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot; if you think picking a wedding dress was a hard enough task for me then don’t even get me started on the bridesmaids), all of which are inspired by different vintage eras.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking for this post, but suffice to say I was in dress heaven – and if you love pastels, floaty fabrics and lots of beautiful detailing (think chiffon, floral embellishment, lace and polka dots) then you will be too. And as much as I loved the final choice of outfit for my bridesmaids, I can’t help but wonder whether my head would have turned in a different direction had I known about Fever London this time last year…

vintage pastel bridesmaids dresses

vintage pastel bridesmaids dresses

vintage shoes and jewellery

Vintage hair by Alexyi Reneece

Cakes by Cakefully Yours

I probably don’t need to explain how much I enjoyed this particular event – I was thoroughly impressed by not only ALL of the dresses but also the special guests for the day; Alexyi Reneece is a true genius and, considering how much hair I have, didn’t bat an eyelid when I sat down to have my hair styled (honestly, the pic above does it NO justice – and it lasted all day which, if you know me and my hair, is an actual miracle). A freelance hair dresser, he specialises in vintage styles and works with each bride to create something unique within her brief. AND he also makes hand makes those stunning head pieces – each one completely unique and bespoke.

And those cakes? Not only beautiful (how much love for the gold leaf?!) but so tasty too (for where there is cake, there is always me). Run by French husband and wife duo, Cakefully Yours have taken the vintage trends and inspirations that are currently coming from America and are well and truly running with them.

All of the dresses in the collection are reasonably priced (not far off the high end of the High Street, to be honest), but what I love most about them is that a) you could easily mix and match all of the styles and colours if you’re having more than 3 or 4 bridesmaids who don’t all suit one dress (totally what I would do if I had my time again) and b) all of the dresses could easily be worn again – a big bonus when you’re paying a reasonable sum of money for dresses that YOU won’t even wear.

You can view the whole (not-captured-on-an-iPhone-after-two-proseccos) collection for weddings here. Or for occasion wear (mother of the bride and wedding guests) click here.

A big thank you to Fever London for allowing me to drink prosecco and eat cake on a school day having me – I had an absolute blast and can’t wait for an excuse to come and visit again soon.

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