February Instagram

This month has literally flown by. But for a month that’s always a bit of a drag, this February has actually been quite a nice one:

Valentine's Day, baking and new accessories for the house

Redecorating, wedding styling and Sunday breakfast

1. I’m not normally a fan of fake flowers – however good they are. But seeing as my house is practically tropical all year round, fresh flowers never last very long. So when I spied these beauties in Dunelm Mill a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist – all year round flowers for £25 can’t be bad!

2. Adding more flowers to the bunch. I think I’ll keep chopping and changing the arrangement up as and when I get bored. So I might well end up spending the equivalent on fake flowers that I would real this year, but at least they won’t die!

3. Baking some mini Victoria sponges for my dad’s birthday. They didn’t quite turn out how I envisioned, so Mary Berry can sleep easy for a little while longer.

4. We finally got our wedding album back! Even though I’ve got all the images on disc, it’s nice to have a hard copy of all of our favourite images to look through whenever we want. Makes me sad to think this is officially the last part of the wedding, though.

5. More baking. Obligatory heart-shaped chocolate cookies for Valentine’s Day.

6. Lots of Valentine’s treats. Personally I’m a lover of V-Day; any excuse to get drunk on Prosecco and eat chocolate is good with me.

7. My mum’s gone a bit Annie Sloan mad. She’s repainting all of her furniture at the moment and I’ve got my eye on this little beauty. The stag handles are from eBay and I bought her the clock from a charity shop (coz I’m good like that).

8. It’s been a bit quiet on the wedding front this month, so my jaw hit the ground when we turned up to put some fairy lights up for a party…and discovered it was actually a FIRST wedding anniversary celebration. Admittedly the couple had got married in Turkey the year previously, meaning a lot of their friends and family missed out on the chance to celebrate with them, but still – if that’s how people celebrate their first anniversaries these days then I’m all over it!

9. My favourite breakfast of all time – pancakes and (very) crispy bacon.

10. I went out for bread. I came back with a work top protector, a craft magazine and a macaroon making kit. This is why I’m not trusted to do the food shop. Ever.

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