Gypsophila Love

It’s funny how your tastes change with age. I’m not talking about actual taste – although I have grown to love onions and brie in ways I never thought I would – but your preference for style; be it with fashion, interiors or weddings.

Planning my wedding brought home to me how much my taste has really changed over the last few years – and how it changes on an almost constant basis now that I’m influenced by so many things through work. One of the things that surprised me the most though, was when it came to picking my wedding flowers – and in particular, my bridesmaids’ bouquets. Surprisingly, although I faltered on just about every other decision (resulting in three – yes THREE – wedding dress), the bridesmaids bouquets were something that I was dead set on from day one. Even though, a couple of years prior, I absolutely detested the flower I picked – to the point where I’d pick it out of any bouquet I bought at the supermarket and, um, bin it (soz flower lovers, I know it’s a crime).

And it seems I’m not alone in my newfound love for this bloom – there’s one particular picture of it on one of my Pinterest boards that has steadily become one of my most pinned pins of all time. Not a week goes by where it isn’t repinned to another’s board (which I thereby stalk, obviously). So here it is in all it’s glory; gypsophila, I heart you…


All images and their credits can be found via my Pinterest boards.

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