Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying you can’t escape it – Valentine’s Day just seems to get bigger and bigger every year.

Personally, I’m in the love camp – any excuse to bake something and drink champagne on a week day. And it’s not all about the grand gestures; sometimes the simple things are the best:

Valentine's Day inspiration

Valentine's Day moodboard

1. Getting hitched this V-Day? I LOVE this cute buttonhole idea for grooms or ushers. Something totally different.

2. How lovely would it be to receive a heart shaped pie in a box? I almost wouldn’t eat it (almost).

3. Heart print paper straws. Cheap, easy and pretty.

4. Simple V-Day manicure.

5. A Victoria sponge. Drizzled with pink icing. Covered in flowers. Oh YES.

6. Beautiful bouquet – it doesn’t have to be ALL about the red roses.

7.Champagne always tastes better in a vintage saucer. Especially when there’s a tiny flower floating in it (trust me).

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