January Instagram

I know I’m a little late to the party with these ‘my month in pics’ posts, but one of my biggest regrets about the biggest year of my life last year was that I didn’t document it. Sure, we paid good money for pictures and I got plenty on my phone too, but I never actually stopped to write down what I was thinking or feeling at any point and sometimes it makes me sad.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions and never really have been but this year I’m making it my mission to document more of the personal stuff that happens. Just for future reference. And also, cos if I die, all Mr.B will be left with is 2 cats, a lot of shoes and a credit card bill that rivals my last till receipt at Primark. Enough said.

January Instagram




1. We finally got a new coffee table for the living room. When I say we I mostly mean I, because Mr. B was NOT interested in buying a new coffee table. But after FIVE YEARS of not having one and numerous drinks ‘decorating’ the carpet I made it my mission. At £20 this was a total bargain, and the best part is it was already painted the perfect colour.

2. Flowers for said coffee table. Obviously.

3. If this wedding is anything to go by then 2014 is going to be a pretty spectacular year for them. We created this chill out area at Leeds Castle for a couple who had an all-white theme – it’s so hard to get married in winter and not feel it has to be all about Christmas, but this couple did it perfectly.

4. Flowers at the above wedding. I used to hate gyp and would always pull it out of bouquets I’d bought at the supermarket because I thought it looked naff. If, when I was stuffing this glorious stuff in the bin a mere 5 years ago, I’d have known I’d end up picking this and only this for my bridesmaids bouquets I would have died at the thought. Now I can’t get enough of it and always love it when we turn up to decorate weddings where there’s plenty of this stuff everywhere.

5. It’s been a month of bargains – first the coffee table, then this little beauty. I picked this up in an antiques shop last week and expected to see somewhere in the region of at least £20 on the label, so when it read £8 I basically ran to the till. When the lady who served me asked what the F&M stood for, it all clicked into place. And then when I told her, she got it too – had she known, I’m pretty sure this would have set me back a lot more!

6. Not only did we get a new coffee table this month, but we FINALLY, after nearly 2 years of talking/deliberating/arguing over it, got new sofas. We almost didn’t get these though; on the first trip to collect them, not only did our truck break down, but then the Jeep that came to rescue us caught fire. Yeah – for real. You couldn’t make that kinda shiz up. The second trip was successful…that was, until we got them home and realised they wouldn’t fit up the goddam stairs (NEVER move to a house where your living room us upstairs. Just never). So then Operation Remove The Balcony commenced, and all was right with the world again. But not before we’d spent a sorry 24 hours sitting on the living room floor (well, Mr. B did. I gave up after an hour and went to bed. My life on the street would be very limited).

7. The cats making what turned out to be a stressful day a little less so. They got to lay on the bed for an hour, I got my lap warmed up. Win win.

8. The last Tuesday of the month was much like the rest of it – wet. I had grand plans to get a fringe cut. I never made it past the living room. Or out of my tracksuit, for that matter. However, it wasn’t all bad. I drank a lot of tea, did a lot of reading and finally found an excuse to get some of the left over wedding crafts out of the cupboard again.


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