You Beauty Advent Calendar 2013: Days 11-19

You Beauty Advent Calendar 2013, Days 11-19


Another 9 days have flown by. Which means that this time next week, I’ll officially be sitting somewhere eating my way through a mountain of cold turkey and Christmas cake (not together, obvs. Although I wouldn’t rule anything out at this stage).

Anyway, until then the treats keep coming. And days 11-19 have officially been my favourites so far:

Day 11: Steam Cream moisturiser: Ahh, Steam Cream, an old friend of mine. I’ve had a couple of these over the years, so it was nice to receive another. For anyone that hasn’t ever used or even heard of this little gem of a product, Steam Cream is a great all-rounder – it’s a moisturiser, cleanser, hand cream; you name it, Steam Cream can probably do it. Great if you’re lazy and want one product for all your beauty needs – or if you’re going on holiday and don’t want to take a full sized moisturiser or cleanser.

Day 12: Stila Lip Glaze in Kaleidoscope: THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. In fact, this is probably the product that sold the whole box to me. And I’m not even a lip gloss person. But Stila is one of those much-coveted products that I’ve wanted to try for like, ever, but could never justify buying. A generously sized sample, this lipgloss is the perfect shade; peachy, shimmery and it smells delicious. It’s uber sticky though, which I wasn’t a massive fan of, but it did stay put for a good 4 hours.

Day 13: Dermalogica Ultra Calming Skin Set: Another great brand that I have wanted to get my hands on for ages. Although you get a cleanser, face mist, serum and some face masques (plus a £10 off voucher for purchases over £50), they are all teeny tiny so I’m saving them up for a time when my skin REALLY needs them (which will happen, trust me) to truly put them to the test.

Day 14: Green People Anti Age Eyeliner: I’m not really sure how an eyeliner can be anti ageing, but considering both of mine are currently tiny stubs (that I can’t even be bothered to sharpen anymore) this product was nicely timed. A soft charcoal/brown in colour, this will definitely get lots of use over the next week or two.

Day 15: Bio Effect EGF Serum: My first thought when I opened this was ‘why even bother?’ This sample is so tiny that there’s hardly much point in including it – a couple of uses and it’ll be gone, without much time to see if it has the desired effect of erasing all my wrinkles and fine lines, as it promises to do. We’ll see.

Day 16: Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rollerball: I’m not usually a fan of these sorts of things – perhaps because I’ve yet to encounter any that actually work – but I gave this a go the morning I got it (after a particularly early start) and was actually quite impressed. The rollerball is super cold, and the liquid sinks in really quickly without leaving a residue. Plus my skin didn’t feel tight or dry like it has done with some other, similar products in the past. Definitely something I’ll be keeping in my make up bag from now on!

Day 17: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil: I’ve never used an oil cleanser before. And I never will again. I’ve read lots about how good others have found them over the years, so was looking forward to using this, but was actually really disappointed – not only did it fail to remove a lot of my make up, but it also left my face so greasy that I had to wash it immediately. A good inclusion, however, as I got to try something I might not have otherwise, but I’ll definitely be sticking to cream cleansers in the future!

Day 18: Dr. Lipp Lip Balm: Don’t be put off by the fact this claims to be an ‘original nipple balm’ – this stuff is actually gold dust. It can, according to the package, heal a multitude of things from burns, abrasions, dry skin, eczema and minor incisions and it’s now officially my new favourite thing ever. Although it feels sticky at first touch, once applied to my lips it sunk in straight away and left them really soft and moisturised for a good 5-6 hours – even after drinking and eating. I will definitely be re-purchasing this and keeping it in my handbag forever more. Amen.

Day 19: Model Co Mascara: A free, full-sized mascara? Dont mind if I do. I hate buying mascara – there’s so much choice that I get overwhelmed with all the pumping, plumping and anti-lumping jargon that I just end up buying whatever is cheapest. I do, however, have one golden rule – no fat wands. I personally like the thin variety, so was a little disappointed that this didn’t have one. But as I say, a free mascara is a good mascara and other than the wand issue, the consistency is good and two coats gave me nice, thick lashes.

Bar the oily stuff (you can’t please everyone), this selection has been my favourite so far, with several of the brands set to become firm future favourites. I’m sad that there’s only 5 more windows left to open – here’s hoping they’ve saved the best until last…

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