You Beauty Advent Calendar 2013: Days 6-10

I can’t believe how quickly December is going already. I’m not even half way through my Christmas shopping yet and have all but one day off before the big day to get it done – ONE DAY, people. This does not bode well for anyone who I’m yet to buy for (as long as you’re not my Mum, Dad or husband then you’re pretty safe).

Anyway, as the days keep rolling on, so too do the treats from this year’s advent calendar. The first five days wielded a pretty impressive haul, so what did I get on days 6-10?


Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation and Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil

The Vintage Company Tweezers and Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Gunmetal

Day 6: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation: This teeny tiny product promises a lot of things – to correct skin tone, make skin look flawless, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and a whole lot more. So from that, I had high hopes. However, I put this on after moisturising (as instructed) and saw absolutely no difference at all. I STILL needed foundation. Which, to be honest, I kind of expected – I don’t exactly have the easiest of skin; with pigmentation, freckles and slight acne rosacea I was never going to look like Kate Moss (pre-drugs, just for the record), but I was hoping it might do something. Perhaps I was being stingy and not applying enough (the sample is tiny)? Or maybe I’m just so used to wearing foundation every day that nothing else will ever match it? Who knows. I will, however, give this one more go before completely disregarding it.

Day 7: Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil: When Mr.B and I moved in together, a bath was one of THE deal breakers for the house. I needed one. It wouldn’t be a ‘proper’ house without one. And how many times have I used said bath in the nearly 5 years since then? About 3. I just. don’t. have. the. goddam. time. However, I may have to make some time after opening door number 7 to this little gem. A bath and shower oil, I was instantly intrigued by this. So off to the bathroom I went and dutifully rubbed the required three capfuls into my skin before showering. I can’t say it made a massive impact on my shower time, but it did make my skin noticeably softer afterwards, and the scent (frankincense and rosemary) lingered in the bathroom for a good 12 or so hours. Bonus.

Day 8: The Vintage Cosmetic Company Tweezers: A GREAT inclusion, in my opinion. I’m always losing my tweezers, so these will go in my make up bag while the others can stay in the bathroom (you hear that Mr. B – STAY IN THE BATHROOM). There’s nothing I didn’t love about receiving a full-size, nicely packaged gift that will get used time and time again.

Day 9: Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream: Anyone who knows me knows I’m on the eternal quest for the ultimate face creams. Yep, I’m the one that nags everyone else to death about putting SPF on their faces and even manages a full make up removal, cleanse, tone and moisturise at 2 in the morning after 12 vodkas (that’s not every night, FYI). So naturally, receiving this made my day yesterday. It’s a very thick cream (which I love for a night cream) and a little goes a long way, so even though the pot is small I anticipate at least 3 weeks’ worth of use.

Day 10: Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Gunmetal: Just as I was about to bemoan the apparent lack of make up up until this point, out comes this little gem on day 10. This is another full sized product, and another brand I’ve not yet heard of, so double points there. Mineral eyeshadows are incredibly concentrated and pigmented, so don’t do what I did this morning and cake your brush in it before applying. Big mistake. The idea is to gradually build the colour up to the shade you want. As you can see from the swatch, the clever people at You Beauty have played it safe with this inclusion in a lovely shimmery gunmetal colour, which should suit almost every skin tone/eye colour. This will last for absolutely ages, and is definitely something I’ll be getting lots of use out over the next few weeks.

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