Christmas home inspiration

Yep, I said it – the C word. To be honest, I’m not even sorry – I’ve been itching to talk about Christmas since approximately September, mainly because with no wedding left to plan and not a whole let else going on it’s pretty much all I have.

Every year I like to decorate the house slightly differently to the year before; partly the fault of Pinterest, but mostly because I’m a marketers dream and each year I’ll just keep wasting money on buying things that are covered in glitter or polka dots or have tiny little bells attached to them. Even if I’ve already got 7 of them in the loft somewhere (good luck to us when we move one day).

However, this year it seems there is WAY more choice than ever before and I’m a little bit stuck on which direction to go in. Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to…




Images sources from top to bottom: M&S; Next; Home Sense; House of Fraser; Sainsburys; House of Fraser

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