Vaseline Spray & Go


For someone who is religious (*slightly obsessed*) about moisturising her face twice a day, I’m ashamed to say I completely neglect my body. Unless I’m tanning or, on the rare occasion I’ve actually spent any length of time in the sun, moisturising my body just seems like a hassle.

Until now, that is. Enter Vaseline Spray & Go – aka the lazy person’s ultimate alternative to body butter. I’m not going to even bother explaining how it works – you stand (naked, obvs), you spray, you go. It’s THAT simple. And it works. My sandpaper shins are actually shiny after just one use. It takes about 30 seconds to sink in, with a bit of gentle rubbing, but this is definitely the way forward if you don’t want to spend a billion hours post-shower or bath drying yourself/rubbing cream everywhere/waiting around to dry AGAIN when you could be watching Eastenders.

My only advice? Stand on a towel/bathmat when applying to avoid the near concussion I almost got after spraying it enthusiastically all over the tiled floor in my bathroom. Ouch.


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