Bouquets: to keep or to throw?

That is the question. There was never any doubt in my mind as to what I would do with mine, though. And whilst I’m all for tradition – in fact, our wedding adhered to a lot of the most classic traditions, despite my initial protestations when I started planning – I knew as soon as I started thinking about the flowers that throwing my bouquet was one tradition that wouldn’t happen.

The question that plagued me now, however, was what exactly do I do with it? At first, I was simply going to dry it. Perhaps after that it would have gone in a vase and put on display somewhere but a) the thought of watching all the colour drain from the flowers as they dried was a bit depressing, b) I’m clumsy; there wasn’t a hope in hell that bouquet would last in all its glory forever and c) it would be novel at first, but over time it would gather dust and I knew I’d just end up chucking it away in one of my OCD cleaning fits. And if that was going to happen then I might as well throw it on my wedding day and let someone else worry about what to do with it next.

Then I thought about having it framed. This appealed to me mostly because my bouquet would stay in tact – the thought of it being taken apart upset me almost as much as throwing it (yeah, I need to get over it, I know). But this also had drawbacks – naturally, in order to keep the bouquet in all its glory the frames have to be quite deep and bulky. And while that would be great if we lived in Buckingham Palace and had all the space in the world, the fact is we don’t. Space is precious in our tiny house, and the walls are already full to the brim. I did think that maybe I could do this and keep the frame in storage until we move (to Buckingham Palace), but then what’s the point in that? Especially when it costs A LOT to have this done – and so price, along with space, became the deciding factor against that option.

But if I wasn’t going to dry it and I wasn’t going to have it framed, did I even have any other options?

And that’s when I stumbled across the ULTIMATE option. It was perfect – the price was reasonable, it wouldn’t take up much – if any – space in our house, and most importantly the flowers would be preserved in all their glory: a paperweight. As soon as I found the Flower Preservation Workshop I emailed in straight away with a barrage of questions and to my surprise, I got an instant reply. On a SATURDAY. Now that’s dedication. Instantly impressed, and knowing I didn’t have to commit to anything financially until I sent the bouquet off after the wedding, I filled out a booking form and that was that. Done.

Of all the many things I woke up excited for on the morning of my wedding, seeing my bouquet for the first time was near the top. It was just one of those moments I knew I wouldn’t forget. And I was right.


Images copyright of Ashdown Wedding Photography

I LOVED my bouquet. Everything about it was perfect. I won’t lie though – a bouquet that’s actually bigger than your head is totally awkward to carry around for the whole day, and it did get bashed about a fair bit. But still, I don’t regret a thing about it.

The Monday after the wedding, my Mum was assigned the task of sending it off to the Flower Preservation Workshop for them to start their magic (we assumed we’d be on honeymoon at this point. We weren’t. That’s another story). I was told I’d have to wait around 8 weeks for the whole process to come together, and throughout this time the communication was fantastic – I was notified at every stage about what was happening and the ETA of the finished article. And when it finally came back, it did not disappoint…


I can’t thank the girls at the FPW enough for what they did (not a sponsored post, FYI – I paid in full for my paperweight – I’m just genuinely happy with it), and it instantly brought back the memories of seeing my bouquet for the very first time. And that’s what it’s all about for me. I just wanted a keepsake of my day that was something a bit different and, other than my dress and our photos, this is something that I will treasure forever.


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