Autumn Essentials

With weddings and work taking over this summer, I gave little thought to anything else – much less my wardrobe or home interiors. And even though we’re thinking about moving house in the new year, with so much more free time now the wedding is over my mind is brimming with ideas about how to make our house cosy this winter.

I struggle year after year with my autumn wardrobe, but this year I’m pleased to see an injection of pastel pinks, plums and dove greys making an impact on fashion and interior design.

This year I’m mostly lusting after these beauties…


1. The ULTIMATE blush pink coat. For years I have searched for this coat – YEARS, I tell you – and finally I’ve found it. And of all the places? Primark. Yep, they’ve come up trumps again, and for £35 this is a complete bargain. It’s the perfect cut, the perfect colour, the perfect price AND IT WILL BE MINE.

2. Limited Collection Lipstick Wanderlust in Pink Shine, M&S, £5.00. The only disappointing thing about this lipstick is the fact that it wasn’t on the shelves before my wedding. I spent 3 times this amount on a little Chanel number, and nice as you are and everything Chanel, you do not cover your products in tiny little stags. And I need tiny little stags in my life.

3. The token sparkly cushion. No sofa/armchair/chaise is complete without one of these, and knowing Matalan (where it’s from), it will be a bargain price. This isn’t in store until December, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting its arrival.

4. The same goes for this glorious throw. Another Matalan beauty, this throw is the perfect colour and looks like it’ll be the softest thing ever. Sold.

5. Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, £62.00. Pricey, yes, but sometimes when it comes to skincare you get what you pay for. I was fortunate enough to be sent some of these to sample before my wedding and I have to say I was dubious – having oily skin I wasn’t exactly sure I should be adding MORE oil on top, but after doing some research (and, to be honest, just being impatient) I gave them a go. And they really did work. Weirdly, the oil in the capsules seemed to clear the natural oils in my skin – I know, I have no idea how that works either, but it did. Suffice to say, these are far beyond what I would normally pay for any moisturiser or skin serum, so I probably won’t purchase them again, but I would recommend them to anyone who wants to splash out. In fact, ALL Elemis products are worth the money if you have it.

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